Salary Negotiation

Salary negotiation is a delicate process. Salary offers will vary widely depending on such factors as the industry you're entering, previous experience, geographical location, employer size, and your specific qualifications. Some quick tips to keep in mind are:

  • Do salary research ahead of time.
  • Try not to discuss salary until the employer has decided to hire you. Wait until the employer initiates the topic.
  • Take at least 24 hours to consider a salary offer.

See our Career Guide's discussion of Salary Negotiation for specific tips on getting through this process with ease! Your career counselor can provide you with average salary information for entry-level graduates. Make an appointment to discuss more about salary negotiations with your Career Counselor, or attend one of our workshops focusing on this important topic.

The NACE Salary Survey is published four times each year. This is a report of the salaries from job offers made to new college graduates from over 330 universities and colleges in the United States. As a NACE member, the Stuckert Career Center receives and makes the Salary Surveys available to all students and alumni. NACE also provides UK students with a salary calculator  to predict salary based on position, geographic region and your personal qualifications.