About Us

CARES is an academic support unit in the Office for Student Success. Major services and programs include the following: Academic Progress Sessions, Individual Tutoring, Study Groups, Monitored Study, Study Skills Workshops, Individual Study Skills Sessions, Peer Academic Coaching (PAC), Enrichment and Engagement Programs, Summer Bridge Programs, study space, a computer lab, and assistance with personal issues which may include referrals to other campus resources.

The Center for Academic Resources and Enrichment Services (CARES), formerly, the Learning Services Center (LSC), has been in existence since 1978. Under the leadership of the Vice President for Minority Affairs, it was originally established to address the "serious" concerns regarding student retention. Housed under the Minority Affairs Assistant Director, along with the minority recruiter, the retention staff included only one counselor. While we continue to focus on student retention, over the years, the target population and the scope of services provided have expanded, and the number of staff has increased.

As the University has dramatically expanded efforts to meet goals for a more diverse student body and "Declared War on Attrition" in order to increase the retention and graduation rates, CARES has kept pace with enrollment growth, and has continually expanded the type and frequency of contact and support necessary to improve student success rates. The target population includes African American, Latino/Hispanic, American Indian, low income, first generation students and all William C. Parker Scholarship recipients. Current programs and activities give students opportunities to receive academic support through counseling/academic planning, help with class work through tutoring/study groups and involvement in enrichment activities that help them become good leaders, get firsthand experience in their career area of interest, and prepare for life beyond college, i.e. graduate/professional school or the job market. Currently the staff includes five counselors, a learning skills specialist, and a administrative support specialist along with student staff who serve as CARES Ambassadors, Peer Tutors and/or Peer Academic Coaches.

CARES Mission

CARES will provide a comprehensive academic support system as well as enrichment services to aid in increasing the retention and graduation rates of underrepresented minority students and William C. Parker scholars. Programs and activities assist students in achieving academic excellence and adjusting to student life at the University of Kentucky.

CARES Vision

To be the premier office that provides inclusive programs to develop the holistic student in the areas of student development, cultural enrichment, and student success.

Values:  Commitment, Compassion, Community

Values Statement: Commitment to providing quality academic support services and programming with Compassion and empathy for every student in a diverse and inclusive Community.


CARES Services

Academic Planning
A counselor will assist you in choosing a major, planning your semester schedule, monitoring your academic progress, researching graduate/professional programs and identifying intern, co-op and permanent job opportunities.

Free Tutoring
For extra help in a class, CARES can provide an individual tutor, a study group facilitator, or information about tutoring offered by other departments.

Study Skills
If you need to take better notes, manage your study time more effectively, or improve your test taking skills, CARES can help.

Help with Personal Issues
We offer a friendly ear and good advice when personal problems get in the way of studying and making good grades. If we cannot help, we will direct you to someone else who can assist you.

Computer Lab
The computer lab is equipped with computers for use with research papers, blackboard assignments, statistics homework and more.