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Graduate Student Workshop: Teaching Information Literacy (UK Libraries)

Event Location: 
Niles Gallery, Lucille Little Fine Arts Library
Event Date: 
Wednesday, February 14, 2018 - 3:00pm

Event concludes at 4:15.

The type of research that students are expected to do in college is different from high school. Research exists that shows that there is a gap to be bridged between instructor expectations and student research abilities and experiences. 
First year students report being fearful, anxious, and confused about research assignments. They find the research process difficult and frustrating. We often see research assignments that assume a level of sophistication that first year students do not have. This workshop will offer some recommendations that will help them design a more effective research assignment.

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I'd like to register for this event (Teaching Information Literacy) but the link provided isn't responding. 



I'd like to register for the event. The registration link doesn't seem to be working. 


Tasha Cotter