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Mindset and Motivation

Event Location: 
Niles Gallery, Lucille Little Fine Arts Library
Event Date: 
Wednesday, October 25, 2017 - 3:00pm

Workshop concludes at 4:00.

Students hold strong beliefs about their intelligence and capabilities as learners. Have you ever heard a student say, “I’m not a math person,” or “I’m just not good at writing”? Statements like these tell us that many students believe that their intelligence is “fixed.” The latest research shows that growth-oriented mindsets — the belief that knowledge and ability can be developed — increases students’ motivation, achievement, and resiliency and reduces racial, gender, and social gaps. In this workshop we will discuss the latest research regarding growth-oriented mindsets and identify several practical instructional strategies that will encourage the development of growth mindsets in your students.

Click here to register. Light refreshments will be served. Contact Cara Worick ( if you have questions.