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New Faculty Teaching Academy: Writing Multiple Choice Questions

Event Location: 
Niles Gallery, Lucille Little Fine Arts Library
Event Date: 
Wednesday, September 6, 2017 - 3:00pm

Workshop concludes at 4:00.

This workshop will provide new faculty with basic information that will contribute to a successful start at UK. As with all of the workshops in the NFTA series, registration for this event is open to the entire campus.

Whether by choice or necessity, many of us find ourselves testing using multiple-choice questions. These kinds of questions can test more than rote memorization. Designed well, they can assess higher levels of cognitive ability. This workshop examines writing good questions, creating a test bank, using item analysis for useful feedback, and conducting classroom activities before and after the exam that can assist students in performing well.

Click here to register. Refreshments will be served. Contact Bill Burke ( if you have questions.