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Plagiarism and the Teaching of Writing

Event Location: 
203 Jacobs Science Building
Event Date: 
Thursday, December 7, 2017 - 3:30pm

Workshop concludes at 4:30.

Regardless of discipline, faculty often find themselves assigning papers and writing projects, and with these assignments come questions and concerns over plagiarism: how to discuss it with students, how to reduce the likelihood with assignment design, and how to address it when it happens. The plagiarism capers of yesteryear (the archetypal file cabinet hidden in some backroom closet, for example) seem quaint in light of our current digital ubiquity, overwhelming connectedness with information and media, and immersion in remix/repost culture.

How, then, ought we to think about and use technologies in the context of academic integrity? How can we shift our students' thinking about plagiarism from a set of penal restrictions—a set of don'ts—to a positive practice of documenting work appropriately and ethically, attending to fair use and copyright conventions, and using formats specific to modality, medium, genre, or subject? How can we design writing assignments that discourage students from repurposing others' work without attribution, and, more importantly, how can we design assignments that encourage students to find and place their own voices and ideas in conversation with others?

This workshop will seek at once to complicate assumptions about plagiarism and student writing while also clarifying ways that we might productively and ethically address plagiarism in our teaching and assignment design. Scholarship and perspectives from the fields of writing studies and digital pedagogy will be put in conversation across the curriculum in order to make the session interactive and relevant for all participants.

Click here to register. Contact Trey Conatser ( if you have questions about the event. Light snacks and refreshments will be provided.