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Spring Debrief: Addressing Student Difficulties with Self-Regulated Learning

Event Location: 
502 King Science and Engineering Library
Event Date: 
Tuesday, April 30, 2019 - 1:00pm

Event concludes at 2:00

At the end of the semester, we reflect on what worked well—and what didn't—in our classes. Expectations can fall short of reality, especially when it comes to student performance: comprehending the readings, retaining and applying knowledge, keeping up with the pace, preparing for exams and other assessments, and, perhaps most importantly, learning from mistakes. As an end-of-semester debriefing, this event will invite participants to bring their most stubborn student issues so that we can design activities to address them using the principles and strategies of self-regulated learning (SRL): a well-established process by which we develop goals, select learning strategies, and monitor our own performance. Looking ahead to next semester, we can begin to strategize for enhanced student learning and success.

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This event will be facilitated by Dr. Jennifer Osterhage, Assistant Professor in the Department of Biology and CELT Faculty Fellow. Dr. Osterhage has taught thousands of students in her introductory biology courses and has implemented (and conducted research on) self-regulation strategies to increase student success. Her reflections on teaching first-year students can be found in the second volume of Greater Faculties.