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Teaching Tips from the Science of Learning

Event Location: 
502 King Library
Event Date: 
Thursday, February 21, 2019 - 12:30pm

Flame that has a shape of a person 

Ignite Learning Series

[Photo by Martin Adams]

This series is designed to help you incorporate the science of learning into your teaching practices for the success of all students. The challenge we all face is keeping up with the seemingly exponential growth of knowledge in our fields.  We often find we don't have time to keep up with the science of learning [e.g. cognitive psychology, neuroscience,  educational psychology, etc.].  In this first session, we will focus on 3 practical tips that you can directly apply to your courses to benefit student learning.

So if you want to catch up on how learning works and discover some simple things you can do within your courses to enhance learning, then this workshop is for you. 

Session runs from 12:30-1:20pm

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We plan on continuing this series in the future to keep you at the forefront of the science of learning. This semester, we have 2 more sessions: