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Wikis provide an opportunity for students to collaborate in knowledge-production. Wikis facilitate students working together to create a variety of different kinds of scholarship using different forms of media afforded by working online. With features such as tracking changes, versioning, and wikis can help students focus on the product and collaboration, rather than individual authorship, while also allowing for the instructor to track student activity.

There are a variety of free and easy to use wikis that make it quick and easy to get started using wikis.

Professor Ellen Rosenman in the English Department here at the University of Kentucky used a wiki in her class on the novel Middlemarch. The students were able to produce a critical edition of sorts to help navigate the complex novel.

Some other ideas on how to use wikis:

  • Collective study guides/notes
  • Annotated texts
  • Networked brainstorming
  • Collation and annotation of sources

For more help on integrating wikis into your pedagogy, please contact us here at CELT.