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So much of CELT's work—and the work of teaching and learning in general—happens through sustained discussion and reflection. The CELT Podcast Network was imagined as a way to have these conversations in a public forum, as a way of showcasing the incredible work of our scholar-educators and the UK teaching community at large. Podcasts here engage with faculty, staff, and students on a range of critical issues related to teaching and learning, from specific classroom practices to larger perspectives on higher education. We invite you to listen in to our shows below, and reach out to us if there's something you'd like to explore further! We always like to keep the conversation going.


Extended Office Hours with Dr. Regina Hamilton

Hosted by Dr. Regina Hamilton of UK's Department of English and African American and Africana Studies program, Extended Office Hours invites faculty into the studio to discuss their paths to teaching. Sometimes the stories are personal, sometimes they're critical, but they're always important. In this first season of the show, episodes focus on what drew each faculty member to where they are today.

This is the five-episode first season of Extended Office Hours, a podcast in the CELT Podcast Network. Dr. Regina Hamilton hosts. David Cole produces.


Dr. Hamilton sits down with Dr. Corey Baker from Computer Science to talk about how his youthful engagement with tinkering turned into a career in teaching. Dr. Baker explores his past and the impact of guiding voices that encouraged him to pursue his Ph.D. (Download the transcript here.)


Dr. Hamilton sits down with Dr. Pearl James from English to discuss how her engagement with reading as an escape directed her toward a storied career in academia. Dr. James digs into the inspiration she found in early feminist criticism of the popular literary canon. (Download the transcript here.)


Dr. Hamilton sits down with Dr. Jack Gieseking to discuss how a wayward love of writing brought him from an undergraduate study in geography to a focus on psychoanalysis and, ultimately, a career combining the fascinations of culture, gender, and race in regard to space (Download the transcript here.)


Dr. Hamilton sits down with Colleen Barrett, the rare books librarian at UK's Special Collections Research Center. Colleen operates as a faculty librarian, overseeing her section of Special Collections while simultaneously teaching within UK's larger ecosystem. Colleen talks about her early desire to follow happiness and how that lead her to learning about the way books are made. (Download the transcript here.)


Dr. Hamilton sits down with Dr. Nicole Breazeale from Community & Leadership Development to discuss how her early research interests and passion for the marriage of cultural justice and agriculture directed her to working within the College of Agriculture, pursuing the globalization in the field. (Download the transcript here.)