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Peer-review is when you have the students assess and give feedback on each other’s work. Typically used in writing classrooms, the exercises and activities can be used in any classroom situation where students are doing a sustained piece of research and writing. Good peer-review skills can help students improve their own work and writing, foster independence, and allow for more and better feedback at various points during the research and writing process. The instructor should be helping guide the peer review process by providing points to focus on while reading and evaluating their classmates’ work, and by also modeling good feedback themselves. Give students examples, guidelines, and feedback on the process. While setting up the peer-review process can be time-consuming, the pay-off are better final papers that are handed into you as well as an over-all improvement over time of the students research and writing. (embed for video won't work:


A guide to getting started with peer-review from the Colorado State University Writing Center:

How to Plan and Guide Peer-Review: