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Teaching Large Classes

Large classes are a reality in modern higher education, particularly for popular introductory level-courses. But with effective lecturing techniques, as well as incorporating technology in order to more actively engage students, large lectures do not have to be a passive educational experience for students.  

Elsewhere on our site is advice for creating an effective lecture, crafting better presentation slides, using social media, project-based learning strategies, having students do peer-review and evaluations, and integrating other forms of technology such as clickers. Incorporating a number of these strategies can radically transform a large lecture-style class.

A number of member of our CELT team have experience teaching large classes and would be more than willing to help you re-imagine your approach to teaching large classes. We also have a number of books you can consult in our CELT library, such as Engaging Large Classes and Strategies for Engaging Large Classes.



Resources curated by the University of Michigan:

Resources curated by Vanderbilt University: