Navigating Higher Education

The professional development workshop series, Navigating Higher Education, is a collection of professional development topics related to three cultural deficits identified for underrepresented students matriculating through graduate and professional programs at the University of Kentucky. Using the framework of cultural deficit and cultural assets students enter higher education with, this professional development series will utilize the students' prior experiences as a recognized asset and provide the components of navigating academic success that they may not be familiar with. Cultural capital, academic capital, and social capital are three focus areas that students of color typically have less information to utilize than their peers in higher education. Graduate and professional students' prior educational success suggests they may have learned some of the cultural behaviors and expectations of higher education, therefore, each PD session will critically engage, develop, enhance, and continue to develop their personal toolkit of resources and skills to successfully transition into their next level of study or the workforce. 


The goal for each session:

OBJ 1 | Students will evaluate prior learned experiences and engage with new information to create a deeper understanding about professionalism and establishing their professional identity.

OBJ 2 | Students will gain resources and knoweldge to overcome imposter syndrome and enhance their personal branding skills and networks.

OBJ 3| Using the CGPDI's CSA model, each session will support and challenge graduate and professional students with implementing and executing their professional, personal, and academic goals.