Student Resources

Drafting a Resume

A resume can be an important addition to your scholarship application as it includes information about your education and work experience, along with your leadership roles and extracurricular activities. Tailoring your resume for individual applications is key. Customize your resume to match your accomplishements and interests to the sponsoring organization's needs.

Resume Resource Guide

Important resume writing tips from the James W. Stuckert Career Center

Funding to Attend an International Conference

If you are presenting at an international conference, there may be sources of funding from the University.

Getting Started

Applying for awards is beneficial in many ways, and the earlier you get involved in the scholarship advising process, the more likely that you will be able to prepare yourself to be a strong candidate. 

Nailing a Scholarship Interview

Interviewing for a scholarship can be tough. Being honest and confident about your skills are important.

Nominee Selection

The campus nomination process narrows the pool of applicants to a select student or group of students who will represent UK in a national award competition. After a student is selected as a nominee, there is a period of time to modify application materials and practice interview skills before the national deadline. If you are interested in applying for a nationally competitive award, please contact us.

Preparing for a Skype Interview

Skype makes it possible to conduct a video interview when face-to-face interviews are not possible. It is just as important to prepare for a Skype interview as a face-to-face interview.

Requesting Letters of Recommendation

A letter of recommendation may come from a UK faculty or staff member, community leaders or employer.  Prior to requesting a letter, carefully consider the criteria emphasized by the scholarship for which you intend to apply.  Click here to read an article on How to Ask for a Letter of Recommendation by Leonard Cassuto.

Student Experiences

Applying for a Nationally Competitive Award takes hours of preparation. Securing an award does not only benefit you financially, but it can create opportunities that would otherwise not be possible. Read about some of our students' experiences.

Video Award Resources

Learn more about awards through information sessions held by our office and videos created by award foundations.

Writing a Personal Statement

A personal statement provides an opportunity for an applicant to speak about himself or herself. Some scholarships require a response to a specific question or questions while others are seeking general, comprehensive statements. Regardless of what committees are seeking, personal essays should be a compelling statement about you and your interests.