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The mission of the Chellgren Center for Undergraduate Excellence is to advance the University of Kentucky's commitment to three broad areas: Student Excellence, Teaching Excellence, and Program Excellence. The ultimate goal is for the University to be nationally recognized as a beacon of undergraduate excellence. The Chellgren Center contributes to that goal by raising aspirations of UK students; assisting students in realizing their highest academic potential; inspiring progressive reform and innovation in teaching, learning, and curriculum development; and fostering creative and productive collaborations across the many programs and departments engaged in the undergraduate mission.



Chellgren Fellows present research at the capitol

LEXINGTON, Ky. (Feb. 12, 2018) — The University of Kentucky was represented by 16 undergraduate students and their 14 research projects at the 17th annual Posters-at-the-Capitol...

Congratulations Rhett Croley and Bridget Nicholas

Recently Rhett Croley, a 2017 fellow, and Bridget Nicholas, a 2015 fellow placed as winners for the 2017 Oswald Research and Creativity Competition. Rhett placed second in the Physical and...

Congratulations Eashwar Somasundaram!

Eashwar, a Chellgren fellow, has recently won a Kentucky Academy of Science Award.

Check out the article here : ...