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The mission of the Chellgren Center for Undergraduate Excellence is to advance the University of Kentucky's commitment to three broad areas: Student Excellence, Teaching Excellence, and Program Excellence. The ultimate goal is for the University to be nationally recognized as a beacon of undergraduate excellence. The Chellgren Center contributes to that goal by raising aspirations of UK students; assisting students in realizing their highest academic potential; inspiring progressive reform and innovation in teaching, learning, and curriculum development; and fostering creative and productive collaborations across the many programs and departments engaged in the undergraduate mission.



Chellgren Fellow Chimene Ntakarutimana Named 2021 Marshall Scholar


Chellgren Fellow Kyra Seevers Named Rhodes Scholarship Finalist


Phi Kappa Phi Inducts 31 New Members

Chellgren Fellow Michael Di Girolamo Awarded Critical Language Scholarship

November 5, 2020 - Congratulations to foreign language and international economics/Chinese and international studies major and Chellgren Fellow Michael Di Girolamo, who has been awarded a Critical...

Introducing the 2020 Class of Chellgren Fellows!

September 24, 2020 - We are thrilled to announce the 31 new Chellgren Fellows for 2020!

The Chellgren Center Student Fellows Program aligns with UK's goal of cultivating undergraduate...