Glen Gerth

Scholarship Awarded: 
JET Program

Major: Agribusiness Management

Hometown: Georgetown, KY

Opportunities the award will afford you now of in the future: The potential opportunity to increase my Japanese ability, and make new friends while traveling through Japan. 

Activities performed under major/area of study: I wrote an undergraduate research paper on the topic of consumer perceptions of genetically modified organisms. I also became a club officer in Japanese Culture in Kentucky Society to educate people about the JET program, Japanese culture, exercise my leadership ability to pass along my inspiration to others, and to converse with native Japanese speakers in both Japanese and English. 

Professors/advisers who have been most influential: Nobuko Patton, Nathan Patton, Gordon Holbein, Antomia Farrell, Dieter Hennings, Irma Kocer, Pat Whitlow, Susan Skees. These people have had a profound effect on me and have given me a wealth of knowledge, they believed in me when few others would. 

Life experiences that influenced you toward your area of study: I have two experiences that clearly had an impact on my life plans. The first of which is growing up with exchange students from more countries than I even knew of at the time, and becoming interested in the outside world. The second is that my mother would sleep for only a few hours every night so that she could take my brother and I to school. She would tell us every day that we could be anything we want to be, and this is why I am willing to do what scares me in order to get what I want out of life.