Program Requirements

Requirements once you are Accepted   

  • Students are encouraged to apply for multiple summer research fellowships
  • Students may be offered mulitple summer research awards, but a student can only receive (1) summer research award from the UK Office of Undergraduate Research (e.g. Bucks for Brains, Summer Research and Creativity Fellowship, Summer Sustainability Fellowships, or B&E Summer Research Fellowship)
  • Students are required to maintain communication with their mentor and the Office of Undergraduate Research staff
  • NOTE: Failure to comply with any and all of the requirements contained in the signed agreement form will require the recipient of the money awarded to return the funds to the Office of Undergraduate Research. This includes all monies provided in the grant amount.
  • If your research has taken a different direction than outlined in your proposal please contact our office. 


Mid-Summer Update 

Due date: July 8, 2020


1. Email ( at least 2 high-quality photos (600+ dpi).

Preferably these photos will be of you actively engaged in your research.    

2. Caption for each photo

3. Quote about your summer research experience to date. 

4. Title your email: "Summer Research Grant- First Name Last Name" 

NOTE: Students are required to maintain communication with their faculty mentor during the Summer Research Fellowship. Our office will contact all faculty mentors following the Mid-Summer check-in deadline of July 8, 2019.


Final Report 

Due date: August 24, 2020

Upload Final Report HERE


Format Requirements 

1. 500 words minimum and 1000 words maximum (2-4 pages)

2. Microsoft Word Document or PDF

3. Include the project title, your name, faculty sponsor's name, department in which the research is being done.


Writing Guidelines 


1. Background Information

This may be similar to what you provided in your proposal. What is the purpose of your research and how will it contribute to your field of study? Your introduction should be directed at all readers, not just those in your particular field.


2. Methodology

Was it carried out as originally planned? If not, why? How did you adjust for the change in plans?


3. Results

What sort of results did you see from your research and what can you conclude from them, and do they align with your hypothesis?  What are the implications of these results and where does this study go from here? What impact does this study have within the discipline, and how might it affect the real world? 


4. Your Experience - answer each question below

  • How has this experience contributed to your undergraduate education and your life goals?
  • What experiences will you take from this summer's research that will impact your future in education, research, or professional career?
  • Was your mentor available and helpful in guiding your summer research experience?
  • In reflecting back on this summer, what could have been done differently, if anything, to improve your summer research experience? 



Students awarded a Summer Research Grant must register and present their research at the Office of Undergraduate Research's Showcase of Undergraduate Scholars the following Spring Semester. For more information about the Showcase and how to register please go here


For more information please contact:

Office of Undergraduate Research
211 Funkhouser
Phone: 859-257-0049