Vision and Goals

vision and goals.JPGVision

A truly exceptional research university expresses excellence in each of its missions: teaching, research, and service. The University of Kentucky is therefore committed to creating a world-class undergraduate experience as part of its aspiration to be among the very best research universities. The Chellgren Center for Undergraduate Excellence was created to help realize that aspiration. The vision of the Center is to create and implement strategies for assuring that the institutional assets of UK, as a land-grant, flagship, world-class research university, are aligned to support undergraduate excellence. This vision is reflected in the Center's mission and its explicit goals.



  • Support the creation and dissemination of the best educational practices and teaching innovations.

  • Enhance the University's ability to recruit and retain exceptional students from within the Commonwealth of Kentucky, across the nation, and throughout the world.

  • Foster collaborations among the University's most successful and prestigious undergraduate programs.