50 Acts of Kindness Spotlights


UK College of Health Sciences faculty member Susan Effgen, PT, PhD, and students in the physical therapy program have been working with the Allegro Dance Project to host outreach dance programs in the Fayette
County Public Schools for students with disabilities. The program is modeled after the Boston Ballet Adaptive Program which was started by a group of physical therapists at Boston Children’s Hospital. The sessions are led by an Allegro dancer while Dr. Effgen
and her students assist to meet the needs of those with physical disabilities.

Zenia Coleman, a UK PT student, is pictured with a student during a dance workshop hosted by the Down Syndrome Association of Central Kentucky.

Communication Sciences and Disorders senior Rachel Curtin shared her spring break experience:

"For my last spring break as an undergraduate student, I decided to journey to Arequipa, Peru to participate in a week-long mission trip. Arequipa is the third largest city in Peru, and is breathtakingly beautiful with many snow-capped mountains and volcanoes surrounding it. Within the city are miles of dusty roads and dilapidated houses with thin metal roofs. Each day we were bussed 30 minutes to the far reaches of the city to serve the community. In the middle of this town was a school of over 800 kids (preschool to high school). While there, they had us clean, repair, and paint the school, but we had some fun with the kids as well! I spend most of one day being a preschool teacher aid and helping with all of the activities. The students and teachers were so full of joy and truly appreciated us being there to help them. 

While in Peru, we were also taken to a nursing home for homeless elderly women. These women were in dire situations, yet so full of love. I was able to bandage and treat wounds and feed the women their meals. This was my favorite part of the whole trip because I was able to incorporate my future career into the mission! I am studying to be a Speech-Language Pathologist at the UK College of Health Sciences, and this mission solidified my interest in working with the elderly community. I am so grateful that I spent my senior year spring break with such a heartwarming and vibrant community, and I can't wait to participate in more missions in the future."

Scott and Susan Lephart brought Inde the therapy dog to the CSD Clinic to kick off 50 Acts

inde with students and kids

As part of the UKCHS 50 Acts of Kindness, the Communication Sciences and Disorders Academic Clinic had a furry, four-legged visitor yesterday. His name is Inde (short for Independence), and he is a therapy dog. His "people" happen to be Drs. Scott and Susan Lephart. It was a joy to see the children's faces light up, and to see them engage with Inde, asking questions about him and his work as a therapy dog. Inde also performed a few tricks and was such a welcome addition to the clinic. We hope he visits again soon! If you would like more info on the CSD Academic Clinic, please click here.


dr. lephart and inde

dr. lephart and inde

students with inde

dr. susan lephart and inde

student with dog inde

the lepharts and inde

student with dog inde

students looking away from the camera

dr. susan lephart "shooting" the dog

student petting the dog

student's face close to the dogs