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Assessing and Treating Workplace Communication after Brain Injury

Recorded Video Available
10/28/2021 - 4:00pm

This presentation addresses a significant challenge in traumatic brain injury (TBI), namely the issue of under-employment and unemployment in persons with TBI. The agenda will explore the roles that social communication and self-awareness after brain injury have in relation to employability. First, the talk will provide evidence from the field of sociolinguistics on the role that social communication abilities have in the work setting. This section will define workplace communication from a hybrid perspective of clinical pragmatics and sociolinguistics. Second, the talk will present pilot efficacy data on computer-assisted interventions for workplace social communication training, namely the presenter’s web-based app called the Work-Related Communication (WoRC) Training Program. Second, the talk will present on validity data on the app-based assessment of social communication developed by the presenter, the Voicemail Elicitation Task (VET). Online approaches offer a safe environment in which to explore social skill strategies and facilitate return to work. Structured motivational interviewing techniques in concert with WoRC training can possibly improve awareness and prospective strategy formulation. This talk will conclude with a discussion with the audience about the topic of workplace communication and possible research directions.

Peter Meulenbroek, Ph.D., CCC-SLP
Assistant Professor
Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders
College of Health Sciences
University of Kentucky