BOC Approved Continuing Education Opportunity

Clinical Seminar in Athletic Training: Two Case Presentations I
10/16/2019 - 6:30am
Charles T. Wethington Building, Rm 127


Bridget Walsh, ATC and Amy Barchek, ATC

  • Bilateral tibial stress fractures in a collegiate female diver: Surgical vs. conservative treatment
  • Non-operative management of a proximally avulsed anterior cruciate ligament in an adolescent volleyball player

Learning Objectives:

Bilateral Tibial Stress Fractures in a Collegiate Female Diver: Surgical vs Conservative Treatment

  1. Distinguish the difference between surgical and conservative treatment and rationale of treatment
  2. Distinguish the different outcomes of surgical vs conservative rehabilitation of tibial stress fractures according to current research.

Non-operative management of a proximally avulsed anterior cruciate ligament in an adolescent volleyball player

  1. Recognize the uniqueness of proximal ACL avulsions in the pediatric population.
  2. Identify the role of non-operative management of a proximal ACL avulsion.
  3. Distinguish the appropriate return to play progression of a proximal ACL avulsion.


This is a continuing education opportunity for athletic trainers. The College of Health Sciences at the University of Kentucky want to support the life-long learning efforts for athletic trainers. We have created a succinct and informative 1 hour of continuing education that addresses unique case studies in the field of athletic training.

Level of content:

Advanced; The content will include theory, concepts and applications of information and/or techniques that are presented beyond the Essential Level

Fee: None

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