Grace Jones Memorial Fund FAQs

  1. Can I reapply if I was a previous recipient?
    • Yes you can.  However, preference will be given to individuals who have not previously been supported by the Grace Jones Memorial Fund.
  2. Can I apply on someone else’s behalf, as a caregiver?
    • Yes we do accept applications made on behalf of someone else.
  3. What can funds be used for?
    • Funding can be used to pay for things such as adult day care, medical equipment (lift chairs, wheelchairs, walkers, bath benches, etc.), therapy services (such as PT, OT, or Speech), short-term respite care, education, home modifications (such as ramps, rails, etc.), and assistive technology.
    • We cannot pay individuals directly.
    • We cannot pay unlicensed individuals directly.  For example, if you are requesting funding for respite care, we cannot pay for a family member to provide this care. You will need to use a recognized care provider.
    • If you are requesting funding for home modifications. You will need to provide a quote from a licensed builder.  In addition, if the costs for the renovation are more than what would be funded by the Grace Jones Memorial Fund, please indicate how you will cover the remaining cost?
    • If you are requesting funding for therapeutic services, we require you provide a letter from the therapy provider indicating you qualify for their services and a quote for cost of the services.
    • If you are requesting support for a piece of equipment it CANNOT exceed the total amount that the Grace Jones Memorial Fund would provide. We are not able to cost share for the equipment.  We also require a quote from the vendor to be submitted as part of the application.
  4. Who do I need to specify as payee (e.g. therapist, a contractor for home modifications, a company providing home health services, etc.)?
    • The Grace Jones Memorial Fund DOES NOT provide direct payment to the awardee.  If you are asking for a piece of equipment we will work directly with the equipment dealer. If you are requesting funding for therapeutic services or home modifications we would pay the service provider directly.
  5. Has funding been requested from another agency/alternative and if so what was the outcome?
    • We required you to indicate if you have requested funding from other foundations/agencies.
  6. How is funding going to help the individual functionally, how will it make them better?
    • In your application please briefly describe how the funding from the Grace Jones Memorial Fund will help with your situation.