Mayor Gorton visits IHRC peer mentors in CLM course

Last Tuesday, Mayor Linda Gorton was re-elected as the mayor of Lexington.

On Nov. 14, she was kind enough to spend an hour of her time with our Interprofessional Healthcare Residential College peer mentors as part of their Clinical Leadership and Management course, said Brendan O’Farrell, PhD and director of the Interprofessional Healthcare Residential College.

As a registered RN with more than 40 years of nursing experience and the elected leader of Lexington, she was the perfect guest for class. 

“Mayor Gorton is an inspiring figure who prioritizes people over politics and listening over speaking,” said Reece Dickens, who is a Human Health Sciences pre-med major. 

Marques Lassell, also an HHS pre-med major, agreed.

“Mayor Gorton’s background in nursing gives her unique insight into public service and managing a city,” he said. “She considers a city like a patient, and looks for areas of wellness and areas in need of support and development. As a future healthcare provider, I thought this was a fascinating approach to leadership and governance.”