We Celebrate National Girls and Women in Sport Day by Highlighting Female Athletes from CHS

By Ryan Clark
CHS Communications Director

An Olympian. A national champion. An NCAA Woman of the Year.

Today, on National Girls and Women in Sport Day, we introduce you to some of the most accomplished female athletes in the College of Health Sciences.

They also just happen to be amazing students. And when it came to asking them what the best part about being an athlete in CHS was, they had a variety of answers. One talked about how the team atmosphere in CHS was similar to being on an athletic team — it felt very comfortable in that way.

Another spoke about how she could learn in her classes about how to keep her body fit for her sport. Still another said the CHS faculty help her manage the heavy load of classes and playing a sport.

We also realize we should celebrate these amazing athletes every day. Still, if we can take the opportunity to give them a bit more recognition, we’ll do it.

Meet some of our female athletes, and let them tell you, in their own words, just why it’s special to play sports and learn in the College of Health Sciences.

Name: Avery Skinner, 2020 National Champion
Major: Communication Sciences and Disorders
Sport: Volleyball
Hometown: Katy, Texas

Quote: “I think that Kentucky strives to be elite in everything that they do — whether it's athletics, academics, regular student life — they're aiming to be the best. And I think that if that’s a goal that you have, you’ll be supported here.”





Name: Asia Seidt, 2020 NCAA Woman of the Year
Major: Doctor of Physical Therapy
Sport: Swimming and Diving
Hometown: Louisville, Ky.

Quote: “It’s been quite the journey — a journey full of memories I never could have dreamed possible. It’s the greatest thing that ever happened to me.”






Name: Megan Moss, 2021 Olympian
Major: Human Health Sciences
Sport: Track & Field
Hometown: Nassau, Bahamas

Quote: “It is definitely a dream come true and I am so excited to compete. I fell in love with Kentucky, the school, the team, the atmosphere.”






Name: Kaylie Kenne, high school athlete of the year, SEC Academic Honor Roll member
Major: Human Health Sciences
Sport: Cross Country
Hometown: Wadsworth, Ohio

Quote: “Here at UK I am able to connect what I learn in my classes to things I see in practice, the training room, and the nutrition room, and I can apply skills we talk about in class to my everyday life.”







Name: Phoebe McCowan, state champion and record-holder
Major: Human Health Sciences
Sport: Track & Field
Hometown: London, Ky.

Quote: “The faculty in the College of Health Sciences are very accessible and understanding, so this makes it easier to juggle the responsibilities of both academics and athletics.” 






Name: Olivia Proctor, state and national champion
Major: Human Health Sciences 
Sport: Cheerleading
Hometown: Mount Washington, Ky.

Quote: “Here I can get the best perspective from both a first-hand athlete point of view, as well as using CHS knowledge to take care of myself in the best possible way.” 






Name: Emma King,  state All-Star
Major: Human Health Sciences 
Sport: Basketball
Hometown: Stanford, KY

Quote: “I’m already well-equipped to be on a team. It’s been so rewarding to take the challenges of healthcare head-on with my prior team experience.”