Curriculum Track A


ENG 205 (GWR) Intermediate Composition(3) Or Equivalent  GWR

Fully Certified Associate Degree in a Health Care Discipline and Minimum 1 Year Work Experience Or Block Certified Associate Degree in a Health Care Discipline, Minimum 1 Year Work Experience and Completion of Missing UK Core Requirements


Major Courses Track A

CLM 241   Health and Med Care Del3
CLM 350 Health Policy And Politics3
CLM 405 Epidemiology And Biostatistics3
CLM 351 Health Services Administration3
CLM 354 Health Law3
CLM 355 Financial Management Of Healthcare Institutions3
CLM 452 Community & Institutional Planning For Health Services3
CLM 444 Leadership & Human Resource Management3
CLM 445 Quality & Productivity Improvement &Evaluation3
CLM 353 Ethics In Healthcare3
CLM 595 (capstone)3
6 hours of upper-division selective 300+ (from selective list below)6
Free elective credits14
Total Major Courses39
Total Credits120

Selective Course Options (Track A must take 6 hours)

HHS 443: Health and Information Management  3
HHS 453: Cultural Competence in Healthcare3
COM 471: Introduction to Health Communication3
COM 571: Health Communication (department approval)3
CNU 502: Obesity Cell to Community2
COM 311: Taking control of your health: patient/provider communication3
COM 315: Understanding Workplace communication in a diverse US society 3
CNU 500:  Integrative care1-3
HHS 362: Health Advocacy (1-2  credits)1
HHS 356: Seminar in IPE3
CNU 503: Nutrition for  the Health Professions (1-2) 2
HHS 454: Research in Human Health Sciences3
Selective credit hours to choose from30-33