Curriculum Track B

UK Core Requirements 


Arts and Creativity - Choose one course from approved list3
Humanities - Choose one course from approved list3
Social Sciences - PSY1004
Natural/Physical/Mathematical - ANT 230 Introduction to Biological Anthropology3
Composition and Communication 1-CIS/WRD 1103
Composition and Communication 2- CIS/WRD 1113
Quantitative Foundations - MA 123 Elementary Calculus and its Applications4
Statistical Inferential Reasoning - Choose one course from approved list3
Community, Culture, and Citizenship in the USA - GRN 250 Aging in Today's World3
Global Dynamics - ANT 160 Cultural Diversity in the Modern World or GEO 161 Global Inequalities3
Total UK Core32
Other Prerequisites 
CLA 131 Medical terminology                            3
HHS 101 Survey of Health Professions I1
HHS 102 Survey of Heatl Professions II1
CIS 300 Strategic Business and Professional Communication (W)3


Major Courses Track B

CLM 241   Health and Medical Care Delivery Systems3
CLM 350 Health Policy And Politics3
CLM 351 Health Services Administration3
CLM 405 Epidemiology And Biostatistics 3
CLM 354 Health Law3
CLM 355 Financial Management of Healthcare Institutions3
CLM 452 Community & Institutional Planning for Health Services3
CLM 444 Leadership & Human Resource Management3
CLM 445 Quality & Productivity Improvement & Evaluation3
CLM 353 Ethics In Healthcare2
CLM 501 Practicum9
CLM 370 Electronic Medical Records2
HHS 454 Research in Human Health Sciences3
CLM 495 Introduction to the Capstone1
CLM 595 Directed Studies1-3
Free elective credits32
Major Hours56
Total Credits120