Prospective Student FAQs

How many clinical rotations are there?
There are five clinical rotations.

Where are your clinical sites located?
We affiliate with sites in 29 states, Washington, D.C., Italy, Hong Kong and Australia. Please see the list of current sites on menu at right.

What are your required rotations?
Acute care, Outpatient, and Rehabilitation (may include inpatient rehab, outpatient neurological care, or Skilled Nursing Facility rehabilitation) experiences are required by the program. One clinical experience outside the state of Kentucky and beyond closely bordering areas is required except in the case of special circumstances.  

Who determines placement into clinical rotations?
Some clinical internships are pre-assigned (those requiring interviews, international sites, and others).  For the remaining sites there is a clinical lottery day twice during the program during which students choose from available offerings for several courses.  The order of choice is based on randomly assigned lottery numbers. 

Who arranges housing and pays for the clinical rotations?
It is most often the student’s responsibility to arrange for transportation, room and/or board for each clinical assignment. The University, faculty and clinical sites have no responsibility for providing transportation, room and/or board for clinical assignments.

An exception is in rural areas of Kentucky; the UK Area Health Education Center provides financial support for housing and transportation for certain sites.

Who may I contact to get further information about the PT program?
Tony English, PT, PhD, Program Director,,   859-218-0834