Committee on Student Affairs

The Committee on Student Affairs is a Committee that brings continuity to the student experience.

General Duties of Committee at Large

  • Shall review and promote the mission and function of the Office of Student Affairs
  • Shall provide counsel to the Associate Dean of Student Affairs regarding the activities of the Office of Student Affairs
  • Shall review, promote, and assist in activities related to student welfare
  • Shall promote, support and provide counsel to the Student Advisory Council
  • Shall review student scholarship, loan monies and assistantship guidelines for all College Specific Opportunities
  • Shall review and assist in the distribution of College Financial Aid for students, including: scholarship, emergency loans and assistantships


  • Comprised of one faculty for each academic program/department
  • Terms: Two years; no more than two consecutive terms may be served.
    • Faculty from the CSD, CLM, AT and PA will be appointed in odd years and HHS, MLS, PT, RHB (faculty teaching in the curriculum) will be appointed in even years.
  • Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, ex officio, voting.
  • Associate Dean of Student Affairs, ex officio, voting.
  • Director of Advising
  • Student Success and Financial Wellness Coordinator
  • Dean, ex officio, non-voting.
  • One student member from the Student Advisory Council
    • Elected yearly by the Student Advisory Council
  • Chair: Serves for two years to ensure continuity
    • In March of the second term, the Committee shall recommend a chair-elect to the Faculty Council
  • Meetings shall be held once a month during fall and spring semesters

Standard Operating Procedures

  • Standard Operating Procedures will be stored and shared on the College website
    • Will be reviewed and updated annually