Hannah Anderson

Trauma and Acute Care Surgery, UK HealthCare

Physician Assistant Studies, '14

Hannah Anderson

What is your current title?

I am a Physician Assistant with the Trauma and Acute Care Surgery Team (Blue Surgery Team) at the University of Kentucky Chandler Medical Center. 

What are your primary responsibilities?

I am primarily responsible for the inpatient care of trauma and acutely ill patients, but I also spend some time in the outpatient Blue Surgery Clinic.

Why did you choose the College of Health Sciences for your studies?

As a Lexington native, I was aware of UK's PA program within the College of Health Sciences, as well as its excellent reputation. UK's broad network of resources, exceptional faculty, partnership with the College of Medicine, and thorough curriculum make the program ideal for training to become a Physician Assistant. 

Do you have any concerns in your current field? What are they?

Physician Assistants have been around for decades, yet many hospitals, clinics, and patients don't know who we are or what our role is. Before school I worked as a Medical Assistant, and when I told my patients I was going back to school to become a Physician Assistant, many asked, "But isn't that what you're already doing". Trained to work as an extension of the physician, we have the skills and training to help address the tremendous health care shortage that our state and country are facing, both in primary care and specialty areas. In order for us to be effectively utilized to our full capacity, we must increase public awareness of just how much we are able to do for Kentucky. 

What are some of your favorite memories in your position?

As a recent graduate, I haven't had much time to acquire many favorite memories. I have had the privilege of spending time with the Blue Surgery team as a student and as a PA. My favorite part of working with the team is their inspiring, unrelenting dedication to patient care that involves every member of the team. From students to residents to the attending physician, each person participates in and contributes to patient care in a constructive way. I feel it is an ideal environment for me as a PA to utilize my skills as well as learn new ones.

Do you have any advice for students interested in the PAS field?

I think one of the greatest lessons I learned during PA school was that life does not stop when you go to school. It is a trying time academically, and obstacles in your personal life make it even more overwhelming. But if you know you want to become a PA, you will be hard pressed to find a more supportive faculty and staff that will do everything they can to support you and help you overcome those obstacles in order to help you become the best PA you can be.