Tim Thurston, PA-C

Physician Assistant, Catholic Healthcare Partners

Physician Assistant Studies '92

What are your primary responsibilities:

I evaluate patients in the office for possible surgery and get them prepared by getting medical clearance and preop. Testing. In addition, I do I&D of abscesses, excise skin lesions, lumps and bumps. I also round on pts. In the hospital, take ER call, and assist in surgery.

Why did you choose the College of Health Sciences for your studies and place of employment?

UK’s PA program was one of the top ten PA programs in the country. Combine that with in-state tuition, it was a no brainer!

Do you have any concerns about things in your current field? If so, what are they?

There are still some restrictions for PA’s in Kentucky that slows down the progressiveness of great team medical care in the Commonwealth. That includes prescriptive authority for scheduled medications, billing issues with Medicaid services, and general education to other providers and companies that do not understand what a PA can and can not do. Being a “seasoned” PA, we have greatly progressed over the last 20+ yrs.

What do you do in your spare time/or what are your hobbies?

I enjoy hunting, gaming with my PS4, Playing my guitar, serving on the local Volunteer Fire Dept. as a board member, annually I go to Guatemala to assist with a Surgical mission trip, and song leader at my church.

Do you have any advice for students interested in the PAS field?

I always advise students that are interested in the PA field to shadow a PA for several hours, to ensure you are pursuing the right career. Once you have the passion/desire to pursue that career, the more successful you will be!