Scholarship Recipient Spotlight

Rawlins Scholarship Recipient (2015)


"As a non-traditional student from a lower socioeconomic class, the scholarship I received meant the world to me. Having the needed financial support is a big hurdle for nearly all students, especially those from a background like mine, so I was very moved by the generosity that made my scholarship possible. Knowing that there are opportunities like this out there is very inspiring and makes me want to work that much harder to succeed. I am very grateful to have received this much needed support. It really makes all the difference to students like me!" -- Tammy Jamieson, Medical Laboratory Science Student 

Resinger Scholarship Recipient (2015)


"The Jacqueline K. Resinger Scholarship is so meaningful to me because it shows me that my hard work and dedication to my studies isn’t going unnoticed. The scholarship relieves some of the financial stress and pushes me to continue to do the best I can. It also shows me that I chose a great school with amazingly generous people who want to help me continue my education." -- Kyle P. Miller, Medical Laboratory Science Student 

Stricker Scholarship Recipients (2015)

The Kim Stricker Scholarship Fund was established in March 1995 by her family and friends. The fund provides scholarships to students who are enrolled in the UK College of Health Sciences and pursuing a degree in communications disorders. Preference is given to students from Northern Kentucky and Hamilton County, Ohio.

Cecily Chambers

The Stricker Scholarship is meaningful because it assists me in furthering my education. When I came to college I didn't have money saved or set aside to pay for school so scholarships such as this really make a significant impact and go a long way! -- Cecily Chambers, Communication Sciences and Disorders undergraduate student

Allison Halpin

"Earning scholarship money has always been something I have worked toward. Not only does it reflect the hard work I have put into my education, but it also helps fulfill the financial obligations needed to fund my education. The Stricker Scholarship is especially meaningful to me because it is an honorable scholarship in memory of Kim Stricker, a young woman who grew up in my hometown in Northern Kentucky. I am very proud to be a representative of this scholarship." -- Allison Halpin, Communication Sciences and Disorders undergraduate student