PhD Alumni


Name Dissertation
Jenny Toonstra, PhD, ATC

Dissertation:  The relationship between patient expectations, functional outcome, self-efficacy, and rehabilitation adherence following cartilage repair of the knee: a sequential explanatory analysis.


Name Dissertation
Andrea Cripps, PhD, ATC

Dissertation:  Alterations in Visual Processing and Its Impact on Upright Postural Stability in Athletes following Sport-Related Concussion.

Stephanie Moore, PhD, ATC

Dissertation:  Predictors of Outcome following Standardized Rehabilitation for Patients with Shoulder Pain.

Daisuke Sugimoto, PhD, ATC, CSCS

Dissertation:  Effect of Compliance of Neuromuscular Training on Lower Extremity Musculature Strength in Female Athletes.

Christine Waters Banker, PhD, ATC

Dissertation:  Immunomodulatory Effects of Massage in Skeletal Muscle.


Name Dissertation
Johanna Hoch, PhD, ATC

Dissertation:  Differences in articular cartilage damage, and self-reported pain and function for patients with acute knee ligament injury based on bone bruise lesion presence and severity.

Carrie Silkman Baker, PhD, ATC

Dissertation: The Development of the Self-Efficacy of Balance Scale (SEBS): Investigation of Psychometric Properties in Female Basketball Players.

Thomas Palmer, PhD, ATC

Dissertation:  Effects of Proximal Stability Training on Sport Performance and Proximal Stability Measures.

Thomas Cunningham, PhD

Dissertation:  The Clinical Usefulness of Vector Coding Variability: A Dynamical Systems Perspective.


Name Dissertation
Matthew Hoch, PhD, ATC

Dissertation: The Effect of Joint Mobilization on Functional Outcomes Associated with Chronic Ankle Instability

Jennifer S. Howard, PhD, ATC

Dissertation: Clinical and Functional Assessment Following Autologous Chondrocyte Implantation (ACI) to the Knee: the role of patient reported outcomes, performance based assessment, and response shift


Name Dissertation
Maureen K Dwyer, PhD, ATC

Dissertation:  The Role of the Hip Abductor Muscle Complex in the Function of the Pathological Hip Joint

Tracy Spigelman, PhD, ATC


Name Dissertation
Ann Livengood, PhD, ATC

Dissertation:  Effect Of The Smartstep™ Stabilization System On Balance In Older Adults I An Independent Living Residence


Name Dissertation
Cale Jacobs, PhD, ATC

Dissertation: The Influence Of Hip Abductor Strength, Endurance, And Asymmetry On Lower Extremity Landing Kinematics

Brady Tripp, PhD, ATC

Dissertation: The Effects of Functional Fatigue on Multi-joint PositionReproduction Acuity in Overhead-throwing Athletes


Name Dissertation
Patricia Ann McGinn, PhD, ATC, CSCS

Dissertation: Effects of a 6-week strength-training program on landing kinematics and kinetics of female collegiate basketball athletes