Lab Culture and Values

We engage with each other to be our best selves and the best at what we do. We strive for excellence in our work and reflect our lab values in what we do and say. We provide a safe space with deep and rich support to be our best selves and challenge our ideas.


Strive together: The Biomotion lab is first and foremost a diverse team of people focused on solving important problems. We strive together to solve problems small and big, support each other, and as a team overcome challenges.

Disciplined: We show up focused and ready to work towards ours and the labs objectives. We think about every detail of how we do things to evaluate for potential mistakes, ways to do it better and more efficiently.

Initiative: We actively look for what needs to be done and engage with it. Our lab embodies scientific curiosity. We stay curious and open to various ideas and possibilities.

Resourceful: We seek and find the tools and information to get things done. We seek out help when we encounter difficult issues and provide our team with the ideas we have tried.

Respectful: We are respectful to our research subjects, patients, our team, visitors, other faculty and collaborators.  We exemplify this value through honest and open communication, assuming good intentions on the part of others, not tolerating gossip and complaining of each other, and respecting personal boundaries.

Resilient: We are able to withstand the difficult times and celebrate the good times. We rely on each other and when faced with failure and set backs bounce back ready to try again.