Noehren and BioMotion Lab featured in Runner's World

Brian Noehren and his work with the BioMotion Lab are featured in a Runner’s World article. The writer, Cindy Kuzma, visited the lab in October and underwent a video gait analysis using a 3D- motion-capture system and a treadmill with built-in force plates to assess her running form with computerized modeling.

The article, “Hip Check”, focuses on the hips as a commonly overlooked culprit in running injuries. Many runners mistakenly blame their running shoes for their pain and injuries.  

Excerpt from the article: “Injured runners frequently come to see physical therapist Brian Noehren, P.T., Ph.D., with their shoes and orthotics in tow, regaling him with tales of how they’ve cycled through different brands and models of shoes in an attempt to treat themselves.”

Research shows that weaknesses and imbalances in the hips are more often to blame for running injuries than inferior footwear.

Excerpt from the article: “In a 2013 study published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, his team assessed about 400 healthy women. Fifteen went on to develop runner’s knee, and when the researchers looked back, they found those who ended up with the injury ran with greater hip adduction, meaning their hips turned toward the center of their bodies with every stride. If your pelvis drops, your femur will collapse inward, which puts added pressure on your knee, which will eventually create pain.”

To read the full article, please pick up the March 2015 issue.