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Team Red, White, Blue (RWB)

The SMRI has been active in outreach working toward improving the health and wellness of veterans. This past August the SMRI hosted a Team Red, White, Blue (RWB) regional leadership camp for TRWB chapter leaders. We led a weekend seminar on planning and executing group-based fitness and training events in community. The camp attendees came from a variety of fitness backgrounds and locations including, Kentucky, Indiana, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Florida. Paired with the SMRI’s health, wellness, and injury prevention instruction and activities, Team RWB conducted leadership-training sessions, of which SMRI personnel participated. The overall goal of the event was to encourage community leaders to take the information and skills they learn at this camp and organize fitness events to engage veteran and civilian community members to stay active and healthy. The SMRI is planning to host another collaborative leadership camp this coming summer.