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CLM student hopes to increase access to care for minorities

Jahsleighe Rochell always wanted to attend a school like the University of Kentucky. As a clinical leadership and management major (CLM) with a pre-med interest, she’s using her time at the UK College of Health Sciences to achieve her goal of making health care accessible in low-income areas. 

Growing up, Rochell admired her mother’s work as a nurse administrator which inspired her to follow in her family’s footsteps when deciding on a career. “I want to bring health care access to lower income areas and minority individuals,” she said. “Everybody deserves health care. It’s an ethical entity and I want to increase people’s access to it.”

Hailing from Georgia, Rochell knew immediately the clinical leadership and management program would fit her aspirations perfectly. “This major caught my attention and aligned with my health care and pre-med goals,” she said. “Many of my professors have worked or currently work in the health care field. It’s extremely beneficial because they teach from personal experience and not strictly off of the assigned textbook.”

On her pre-med track, Rochell has both experienced growth and tackled hardships over the course of her college journey that will benefit her professional career. “Our CLM practicum requires we venture out into the workplace and collaborate with real-world employers. It’s been an exciting change of pace from taking notes and exams in other classes,” she said.

“I’ve learned many crucial lessons during practicum like how to effectively manage time, encounter different viewpoints, and understand opposing rationales,” Rochell continued. “These lessons will help mesh my current degree with my future medical degree.”

Rochell shares her passion for health care as a College of Health Sciences student ambassador. “I’ve really enjoyed my time at CHS, and I wanted others to know how well this college has served me,” she said. “I have learned so much here and overcome different hurdles. I’m excited to help future students navigate their way through college."