Senior HHS major leads with a heart for service

Madison Ford, a senior human health sciences (HHS) major and student ambassador, is planning to use the valuable lessons she has learned in the College of Health Sciences as she works towards her dream of becoming a physician assistant (PA). 

Ford is from Marshall County, Kentucky and grew up knowing she wanted to attend UK. After watching her Nana go through nursing homes after experiencing a a stroke, Ford became interested in becoming a PA. “I did research on PA schools across the nation and I was really impressed with the College of Health Sciences program,” she said.

“I received an email about the HHS program and decided to apply,” Ford continued. I love how connected HHS is to the PA program and enjoy how interactive CHS is with UK HealthCare.”

At CHS, Ford has participated in many opportunities available to undergraduates. “I’m part of the undergraduate research program and currently work on a project in the pediatric BMI Clinic,” she said. “Through this research I work directly under a PA who has become my mentor. I’m gaining research experience and learning important details from my mentor about the application process for PA school.”

Ford is passionate about outreach and medical missions. She spent summer 2019 in Kenya serving at OVI Children’s Hospital—a center founded by CHS alumna Amy Hehre that delivers care to orphans and terminally ill children. “I worked directly with children who were in the most critical conditions,” she said. “It was a powerful experience and I plan to return very soon.”

In addition to her many responsibilities, Ford also serves as a student ambassador. “I wanted to become more connected with faculty and staff through being an ambassador,” she said. “I have been able to help both current students and prospective students find information about the college that I wish I had been given when I was a prospective student.”

After graduating from PA school, Ford wants to either work with children or elderly patients. She knows she wants to go back to Marshall County and help the underserved people there and is excited to see what her future holds.