Requirements and Prerequisites

Prerequisite course work required of students who do not have a Bachelor's degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders:

CSD 285Clinical Phonetics3
CSD 378Anatomy & Physiology3
CSD 402Speech & Hearing Science3
CSD 410Language Development Across the Lifespan3
CSD 491Audiology3
CSD 481Clinical Methods3
CSD 591Aural Rehabilitation3


Requirements of the Graduate Program

The Master’s program is typically completed in a total of two academic years of full-time study, six (6) semesters (Summer 1, Fall 1, Spring 1, Summer 2, Fall 2 and Spring 2)

CSD 621Alternative & Augmentative Communication3
CSD 647Language Disorders in Dev. Young Individuals3
CSD 648Language Disorders in School-Age Populations3
CSD 654Clinical Orientation3
CSD 657Clinical Practicum2
CSD 659Clinical Rotation in 3 sites
VA or Adult Site
School or Child Site
CSD 661Phonological Development & Disorders3
CSD 670Voice Disorders3
CSD 675Low Incidence Disorders1-3
CSD 677Aphasia and Related Disorders3
CSD 701Research Methods in CSD3
CSD 710Cognitive Communication Disorders3
CSD 744Adult Swallowing and Motor Speech3
CSD 745Pediatric Feeding and Motor Speech3
CSD 748Thesis (Optional)0
CSD 768Thesis (Optional) (Residence Credit)6


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