Become an Ambassador or Peer Mentor

The College of Health Sciences is looking for student leaders who will help foster the continued success of our college and support our current and first-year students. The CHS Ambassadors and CHS PATHfinder Peer Mentors are now accepting applications for new leaders during the 2022-2023 school year. Both groups, while having separate responsibilities, work together to create a diverse and inclusive space and sense of belonging for pre-professional healthcare students in the Lexington area and on our campus. Please see the below information to decide which group would be the best fit for you!

  Ambassadors PATHfinders Peer Mentors
Main purpose

The CHS Ambassadors serves and assists the College of Health Sciences with prospective students, current students, and alumni.

Ambassadors educate and engage the community as well as the University in planned social, philanthropic and education activities as it relates to the College’s mission and vision.

Ambassadors will also be mentoring local highschoolers to create a diverse sense of belonging within the pre-healthcare professions.

The PATHfinder Program consists of  a compassionate community of mentors that are focused on fostering growth, inclusivity, and belongingness for first year students in the College of Health Sciences. PATHfinders mentors are professional, trustworthy friends and positive role models focused on fostering independence for students throughout their first year and beyond. Each mentor will work with a specific group of mentees all year.
Classroom activities CLM 480-004 is a 2 credit hour course with a weekly 1 hour of instruction that provides space for ambassadors to get to know and interact with each other, learn leadership skills, help plan and implement activities throughout the year. CLM 480-002 is a 3 credit hour course with a weekly 1 hour of instruction that provides a space for mentors to get to know each other, learn about best mentoring practices, reflect on their connections with their mentees, and help plan and implement the Summer Bridge Project.
Engagement activities and  responsibilities Ambassadors are required to complete several recruitment events throughout the semester, participate and engage with  
the Diversity Healthcare Pipeline Project, organize and participate in National Health Professions Week, and participate in fundraising activities to support the Ambassador Scholarship.
Mentors are required to be in contact with their assigned mentees each week. In the Fall, Peer Mentors will be paired to a CHS Introductory Course to attend each week to better connect with their mentees and encourage success of first-year students in CHS. In the Spring, Peer Mentors will attend and facilitate Merit Weekend activities in conjunction with CHS Advisors. Participation in Summer Orientations are encouraged, but optional.
Diversity Healthcare Pipeline and Summer Bridge Projects

The Diversity Healthcare Pipeline Program is an initiative to assist high school students of diverse backgrounds by mentoring and advising students regarding the best practices in applying to and preparing for the transition from high school to college.

Ambassadors create opportunities for exploration of different healthcare professions and help high school students discern their future undergraduate major and ultimate career path.

The Summer Bridge Program is a continuation of the Diversity Healthcare Pipeline for accepted CHS first-year students to begin academic work, meet and connect with peers and Peer Mentors, and explore different healthcare opportunities during a week in the summer.  Mentors assist with the planning and implementation of the Summer Bridge Program. Mentors will attend the Summer Bridge 4-day program during July 2022.
Time commitment each week

Class time: 1 hour
Outside: ~ 2-3 hours

Class time: 1 hour
Outside: ~ 2-3 hours


Summer Bridge Mission Statement

The College of Health Sciences Summer Bridge Program is focused on empowering rising first-year students to excel academically, socially, and professionally as they transition into college and form connections. Our goal is to create a unique environment where students feel a sense of belonging, have meaningful engagement with peers, and foster relationships with faculty that continue well past the bridge week through their entire educational journey.

Diversity Healthcare Pipeline Program Mission Statement

To diversify healthcare professions by partnering with minority and underrepresented high school students. We strive to support and mentor these students by empowering and facilitating college and career enrichment initiatives aimed to aid in their transition from high school, to college, and ultimately into healthcare professions.

The Diversity Healthcare Program Volunteers are a representative group of students who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in academics and student leadership. The DHP Volunteers serve the Diversity Healthcare Program and assist with the recruitment of Bryan Station High School students. Through mentorship, college readiness preparation, and career enrichment initiative, you will assist in Bryan Station High School Medical Academy UK Healthcare Scholars transition from high school to college and ultimately into healthcare professions. 

DHP Volunteers participate in events such as: 

  • DHP Student Induction Ceremony 
  • DHP monthly programming
  • Yearly closing ceremony 
  • Bi-weekly mentorship 
  • Student shadowing at UK 
  • Informational parent meetings 

Applications opens Monday, December 5th and will close Friday, January 6th.

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