Day of Giving

Top 4 reasons to give to UK College of Health Sciences this year:

  • Your College prepared you well and you have been successful in your career. What’s more, you love your program and your College. 
  • You are passionate about helping others. You, the people you work with, and the students you graduated with make a difference in people’s lives. Let’s help a new generation of caregivers to change the world.
  • When the College looks good, we all look good. It is important for your alma mater to be held in high esteem. Many national college rankings consider alumni participation rate. 
  • You believe in the great work of your program. It is about educating students but also researching, caring, and leading. 

Join in giving to the UK College of Health Sciences. Go to or for more information, contact Loralyn Cecil at 859-218-0563 or