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John Abt, PhD, ATC, FACSM's picture
John Abt, PhD, ATC, FACSM
Office Location: 

Sports Medicine Research Institute

​720 Sports Center Drive

Lexington, KY 40506

Office Phone Number: 
(859) 323-9850
Position Title: 
Associate Professor

Dr. Abt is an Associate Professor in the Department of Athletic Training and Clinical Nutrition. Over the last 10 years Dr. Abt has served as an investigator (PI and Co-I) on several Department of Defense funded research projects that focused on the culturally-specific injury prevention and human performance needs and existing capability gaps of Special Operations and Conventional Forces.  Dr. Abt has a vast research background in neuromuscular and biomechanical analysis of human movement, and human performance associated with musculoskeletal injury, surgery, rehabilitation, and prevention in athletes, tactical athletes, physically active individuals, and those sustaining musculoskeletal injury. Dr. Abt completed his PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh.

Recent Publications

Abt JP, Eagle SR, Sell TC, Allison KF, Nagai T, Wood DE, Lephart SM. Comparison of physiological, musculoskeletal, and biomechanical characteristics between Sea, Air and Land Operators and SEAL Qualification Students. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. In Review.

Clark NC, Akins JA, Heebner NH, Sell TC, Abt JP, Lovalekar MT, Lephart SM. Reliability and Measurement Precision of Concentric‐to‐Isometric and Eccentric‐to‐Isometric Knee Active Joint Position Sense Tests in Uninjured Physically Active Adults. Physical Therapy in Sport. In Press.

Abt JP, Oliver JM, Nagai T, Sell TC, Lovalekar MT, Beals K, Wood DE, Lephart SM. Block‐Periodized Training Improves Physiological and Tactically‐Relevant Performance in Naval Special Warfare Operators. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. 2016; 30(1):39-52.

Abt JP, Perlsweig KA, Nagai T, Sell TC, Wirt MD, Lephart SM. Effects of Age and Military Service on Strength and Physiological Characteristics of US Army Soldiers. Military Medicine. 2016; 181(2):173-9.

Allison KF, Keenan KA, Sell TC, Abt JP, Nagai T, Deluzio J, McGrail Mark, Lephart SM. Musculoskeletal, biomechanical, and physiological sex differences in the US military. AMEDD Women’s Health Focus Issue. 2015; 22-32.

Abt JP, Sell TC, Bozich AJ, Lovalekar MT, Kane SF, Benson PJ, Morgan JS, Lephart SM. Injury epidemiology of US Army Special Operations Forces. Military Medicine. 2014; 179(10): 1106‐1112.

Nagai T, Abt JP, Sell TC, Clark NC, Smalley BW, Wirt MD, Lephart SM. Neck Proprioception, strength, flexibility, and posture in pilots with and without neck pain history. Aviation Space Environ Med. 2014; 85(5): 529‐535.