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Kyoko Hamagata
Position Title: 
Student Ambassador

Hi y’all! My name is Kyoko Hamagata and I am a senior majoring in Human Health Sciences with a minor in Biology. I am currently on the pre-dentistry track but with hopes to go to medical school after graduation.  I hope to provide healthcare in the Appalachian area, promoting equal healthcare rights. Along with being a CHS ambassador, I work as an ESL tutor, I volunteer at UK Children’s Hospital, and I am an undergraduate research intern at the Center of Muscle Biology. My favorite part of being the ambassador of the College of Health Science is being able to share my personal experience with the prospective students. I have enjoyed my years as a student of CHS and the people I have met through my college experience. CHS has become a family to me and I have truly felt the sense of belonging within the college in the last few years! I am so glad that I decided to come to UK to further my education and chose to be part of the College of Health Sciences. Please reach out and ask questions!