Randa Remer, PhD

Associate Dean, Office of Student Affairs

111 Wethington Building



  • Serves as Dean of Students
  • Leads student support and success services for the College.
  • Works colloboratively  to create and support inter-professional education experiences
  • Oversees students rights and responsibilities, student discipline processes, and administrative and educational services.
  • Oversees College registrar functions 
  • Responsible for overseeing probation, suspension, dean’s list, student honors, awards, and scholarships
  •  Provides guidance related to orientation of all incoming students (e.g., HIPAA, sexual harassment training, criminal background and drug testing) including  compliance.
  • Provides leadership and mentoring to CHS Ambassadors.
  • Provides leadership and oversight for the Healthcare LLP
  • Provides strategic guidance for the College's recruitment, admissions and retention functions for students in all degree programs
  • Oversees and directs processes for advising, consulting and guiding students  and oversees the development and implementation of policies to facilitate student success and retention.
  • Serves as a resource for conflict resolution for faculty, staff, and students addressing concerns related to student conduct 
  • Serves as a resource for faculty and students regarding processes for students with physical and learning disabilities. 
  • Coordinates policies and procedures for admission standards and assists with the  continuous review and improvement of admissions policies and procedures impacting the College programs


Patrick Kitzman, PT, PhD

Associate Dean, Office of Research

208B Wethington Building



  • Oversees research activities in the college
  • Assists with new faculty start-up requests
  • Provides ongoing consultation and review of grant proposals
  • Provides support and assistance with research study coordination and statistical support
  • Mentors faculty in developing their research agendas, identifying resources, including funding opportunities, and establishing collaborations
  • Provides grant management support and is responsible for grant tracking and reporting. 
  • Oversees allocation of the CHS research support budget
  • Appoints and Chairs the Research Advisory Committee (RAC)
  • Oversees selection of college research awards in consultation with the RAC



Janice Kuperstein, PT, PhD

Associate Dean, Office of Clinical Engagement

210A Wethington Building



  • Provides leadership, oversight, and support for the clinical engagement of the College.
  • Engages with internal and external constituents in advancing and responding to changes in health care,  providing leadership for ongoing and new opportunities for the College in areas identified by the Dean. 
  • Provides leadership for existing clinical relationships within UK Enterprise and facilitates development of new opportunities
  • Works with UK Healthcare to improve clinical integration of student learners (including undergraduate student learners) within the UK Enterprise
  • Works with clinical partners of distant campuses to improve clinical integration of student learners in local facilities
  • Maintains and strengthens CHS relationships with other Colleges and Centers in areas related to clinical integration
  • Works with Area Health Education Centers to strengthen academic – clinical partnerships
  •  Facilitates collaboration with diverse clinical partners including research, clinical, and academic opportunities  
  • Facilitates and provides oversight of  academic programs within the Center for Excellence in Rural Health (CERH)



Denise McCarthy

Assistant Dean, Office of Finance and Administration

123G Wethington Building



  • Serves as the College’s Chief Financial Officer 
  • Responsible for overseeing all matters pertaining to the operation of the college. 
  • Provides oversight of all College HR functions. 
  • Responsible for accurate implementation of HR policies.
  • Assures equity in hiring and promotions for all staff. 
  • Responsible for capital plans and related policies including providing fiscal planning and leadership for renovation and expansion projects.
  • Ensures that facilities are maintained.
  • Informs the college regarding safety and security issues.
  • Provides oversight of the CHS Office of Technology.
  • Oversees the management of all fiscal aspects of the college and administers the College Practice Plan.
  • Provides leadership for strategic and other major planning efforts of the College. 
  • Responsible for cost/benefit analyses related to new programs and program expansion. 
  • Responsible for continuous review and improvement of administrative policies and procedures impacting the College.


Karen Badger, PhD, MSW

Associate Dean, Office of Undergraduate Education

207D Wethington Building



  • Provides  leadership, oversight, and support for the academic mission of the undergraduate educational programs of the College.
  • Oversees the development, growth and maintenance of the undergraduate academic program in the college
  • Builds and maintains synergies among multiple units and strategically grow a cohesive academic environment that is committed to high quality undergraduate education.
  • Coordinates and oversees programs for exploratory and pre-major students in collaboration with the Office of Student Affairs and undergraduate education faculty and programs. 
  • Provides oversight and coordination for college-wide high-impact undergraduate initiatives.
  • Oversees the establishment and operation of a college-level undergraduate leadership committee 
  • Promotes and guides undergraduate programs and faculty in the use of effective, innovative pedagogy, and mentoring.
  • Collaborates with the College’s Office of Assessment to ensure appropriate and ongoing assessment, evaluation, and reporting of undergraduate initiatives and programs.
  • Engages in regular visioning and strategic planning initiatives and reviews assessment results with stakeholders to ensure the quality of existing undergraduate programs and consider new initiatives.