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Molly Morgan

Molly is a Junior in the Human Health Sciences program on the Pre-Physician's Assistant track. She grew up in a town called Burkesville, in south central Kentucky. Along with being a CHS ambassador, Molly is a member of the CHS student council where student representatives from each grade level meet to plan academic, community, and social activities for the college. She also is a chemistry and biology tutor for the College of Health Sciences, a volunteer baby cuddler at a local hospital, and was previously a general chemistry tutor for Dr. Woodrum. She has shadowed in many different facilities and recently completed the University of Kentucky's PEPP program. Her favorite part about being a CHS ambassador is getting to share her personal experience of the wholistic approach to healthcare and the small community feel that that reminds her of home the the College of Health Sciences uniquely offers. I truly tribute my love for my college experience at UK to being a part of the College of Health Sciences and the people I have met because of it. Please reach out and ask questions!