Major Activities

Grant Funding
Funding for active members currently totals nearly $30M, with current year funding at $5.8M​.

From 2016 to the present, CMB members have authored over 100 publications. 

Muscle Forum
The CMB Muscle Research Forum meets weekly. Students, postdoctoral fellows, and faculty use it as a venue to discuss new data, to present ideas for grants, and to review interesting papers from the literature. Mock study sections have also been organized. In addition, outside speakers have been invited to present their latest results relevant to muscle structure and function. Muscle Forum meets Thursdays at 11 AM (Multidisciplinary Science Building (MDS)) Room 308, MDS is located next to the College of Nursing Building) and is coordinated by Dr. Esther Dupont-Versteegden. Students participating in Muscle Forum are able to receive one credit hour per semester. The assigned course number is RHB/PGY625, a joint listing between College of Health Sciences and College of Medicine.

Muscle Biology Course
​HHS 402G, a Muscle Biology course coordinated by Dr. Tim Butterfield is offered that examines the gross as well as microscopic structural properties and the physiological function of skeletal muscle. Students will gain in-depth knowledge about not only normal muscle function but also the adaptability and plasticity of skeletal muscle under different environmental circumstances. The comparative biology of structure and function of skeletal muscle will be covered; also the relationship between muscle structure and function as it relates to human health-related issues will be examined and discussed. This course is for undergraduate and graduate students and will benefit those interested in health care- related fields (e.g., pre-physical therapy, pre-medicine) as well as students interested in the basic functioning of skeletal muscle. 

Mentorship and Pilot Studies
The CMB leadership actively mentors young investigators and promotes the development of clinical and translational research projects, through provision of pilot study grants.​

CMB Research Day 
Since 2008, the CMB has hosted an annual research day to promote collaboration; both invited and local speakers provided talks and posters on various themes related to muscle research.  These conferences have been well attended, with approximately 100 participants each year.

Center for Muscle Biology

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