Quantitative Image Analysis Services: MyoVision Pro

The MIMIC Core performs high-throughput, automated quantification of fiber cross sectional area (CSA), fiber type, and myonuclear density. Images of skeletal muscle cross sections are uploaded through the Image Portal, analyzed in batches, and results are returned to the investigator within 1 week (rush option is also available). Please see the rates for services and detailed instructions below. For additional questions or custom analyses please contact us.

Image Hosting and Data Transfer

Complete our Service Request Form to create an Image Portal account in order to upload your images.

Image Portal
File Transfer - The Image Portal functions similarly to Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive. After creating an account, upload images to be analyzed by MyoVision Pro. The same account can be used to download images acquired using MIMIC microscopes and results from MyoVision Basic.

Storage - Images and data are stored in the CMB Image Portal for a short period of time to enable quick access. For long-term storage in the Image Portal, datasets are compressed into archives and stored in locations with slower access speeds. This reduces storage costs and optimizes performance for all users.

Image Processing

Automatic Normalization
To reduce the effects of intensity variation on analysis results, images in the same study are normalized before they are run through the MyoVision Pro platform.

MyoVision Pro: High-throughput Platform
Based on the automated MyoVision Basic software, MyoVision Pro is rebuilt for high-performance parallel computing. MyoVision Pro can handle larger cross sections at higher magnification, and large numbers of images, with increased processing speed. MyoVision Pro exports fiber data for every cross section in the same study into a single excel spreadsheet, provided to the investigator. Additionally, the investigator can view analyzed images for fiber outlines, fiber type classification, and/or myonuclear counting using MyoVision Basic.

Advanced Data Analytics (Coming Soon)
Pax7 / fiber type specific analyses
Data visualization
Predictive modeling
Pattern recognition
Network and cluster analysis
Multivariate statistics

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