Core Facilities

The Center for Muscle Biology Core Facilities are located on UK's campus in the Charles T. Wethington (CTW) Building and the Multidisciplinary Science (MDS) Building.  

UKY muscle fiber type IHC

Muscle Immunohistochemistry and Molecular Imaging Core
The Muscle Immunohistochemistry and Molecular Imaging Core (MIMIC) offers several services to researchers working with muscle. MIMIC is located is in rooms 447 and 438 of the Charles T. Wethington Building.


Muscle Function Core
Located in CTW 429, the Muscle Function Core has the Aurora system to carry out whole ex-vivo muscle functional analyses. Functional properties that can be determined include specific force, calcium sensitivity, rate of tension recovery, passive and active muscle stiffness, and break length. For more information, please contact Dr. Tim Butterfield.


Human Performance Lab (HPL)
The Human Performance Lab, established in 2013, is available for CMB researchers to translate their research findings to humans. Located in the Multidisciplinary Science Building, the lab contains equipment capable of assessing physical function, strength, fatigue, biomechanics, range of motion, and gait, as well as for exercise training; computers with all software necessary for data collection and analysis are also onsite.  A list of all equipment can be found here. The lab interfaces closely with the CCTS Clinical Services Core, where muscle biopsies are performed for the Human Muscle Resources. For more information about the Human Performance Lab, please contact Doug Long


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