Muscle Forum Schedule

Spring 2020

Every Thursday, 11 AM-12 PM

Please contact Dr. Esther Dupont-Versteegden if you are interested in presenting.


January 16

Vandre Casagrande Figueiredo

Muscle disuse affects translation at multiple steps

January 23


January 30

Kevin Murach

Skeletal Muscle Epigenetics: Current Understanding and Future Directions 

February 6

Christine Latham

Muscle health across the ages: What do we actually know about horses?

February 13

Open Forum for CMB move

February 20

Hiroshi Saito

Age-dependent sepsis severity and chronic muscle weakness in animal models

February 27

Laura Brown

The function of muscle specific ribosomal protein L3-like in cardiac tissue, and its effects on protein translation

March 5

Emily Hunt

Anterior cruciate ligament injury-induced alterations in inflammation and muscle physiology

March 12

Jennifer Petrosino, Ohio State

METTL3 is a mRNA modifying methyltransferase that regulates hypertrophy in skeletal muscle

March 19

Spring Break

March 26

Cory Dungan

April 2

Kate Kosmac

April 9

Nicholas Thomas (interviewing for PhD position with Chris Fry)

April 16

Ferdinand von Walden

April 23

Zachary Hettinger

April 30

Douglas Millay

Defining the role of nuclei accrual and transcriptional diversity and skeletal muscle

May 7Eva Kalaitzoglou
May 21

Emma Hjalmarsson

Muscle function in children and adolescents with cerebral palsy and endurance training with the Racerunning bike




Archived Forum Schedules


Every Thursday, 11 AM-12 PM

Please contact Dr. Esther Dupont-Versteegden if you are interested in presenting.


September 5


Douglas Van Pelt

Extracellular Vesicles and Muscle Atrophy: Methods to the Madness

September 12

NURS 504

Kate Kosmac

Cellular and Morphological Variations in Gastrocnemius Muscle of Patients with Peripheral Artery Disease

September 19

NURS 504

Kevin Murach

"Muscle Memory" Mediated by Myonuclear Number? Current Understanding and Future Directions

September 26

NURS 504

Chintan Kikani

Emerging Roles of PASK in Connecting Nutrient Signaling to Epigenetic Network in Muscle Stem Cells

October 3

NURS 504


October 10

NURS 504

Michael Toth

Skeletal Muscle Adaptations to Cancer and Chemotherapeutics and the Protective Effects of Exercise

October 17

NURS 504

Ferdinand von Walden

Regulation of the rRNA Genes during Skeletal Muscle Hypertrophy

October 24

NURS 504


October 31

NURS 504

Alisa Herbst

Age-related Muscle Atrophy in Horses, and the Potential Contribution of Low-Grade Chronic Inflammation

November 7

NURS 504

Davis Englund

Utilizing Functional Genomics to Study the Role of Muscle Stem Cells during Periods of Growth and Adaptation

November 14

NURS 504

Brad Berron

Cell Surface Engineering for Tissue Fabrication

November 21

CTW 014


Tom Rando

Stem Cell Aging-Functional Consequences and Rejuvenating Strategies

December 5


Faruk Moonshi

December 12


Paul Reidy

Does Early Life Muscle Disuse Lead to Premature Sarcopenia in Adulthood?

January 17

Bailey Peck

F31: MACximizing skeletal muscle adaptations to resistance training

January 24

Robin Cooper

Some Oddities in the Nature of Muscle and Effects of Endotoxin (LPS)

January 31

Doug Van Pelt

Reduced Extracellular Vesicle Biogenesis Contributes to Disuse-Induced Skeletal Muscle Atrophy

February 7

Kevin Murach

Muscle Chalk Talk

February 14

Ken Campbell 

Fundamentals for Image Processing: File Formats, Bit Depth, and Compression

February 21

Center for Muscle Biology: Open Forum About the State of the CMB

February 28

Davis Englund

Depletion of Resident Muscle Stem Cells Does Not Affect Testosterone-Induced Hypertrophic Growth in Skeletal Muscle

March 7

Gainesville Muscle Meeting

March 14

Spring Break

March 21

Gainesville Meeting Revisited 

March 28

Vandre C. Figueiredo

Phosphorylation of Euraryotic Initiation  Factor 4E is Dispensable for Skeletal Muscle Development and Hypertrophy Induced by Mechanical 

April 4

Jonathan Satin

Manipulating L-type Calcium Channels to Make a Muscle Contract 'Stronger'

April 11

Brian Delisle

Precision Medicine: Lessons from Long QT Syndrome

April 18

Kirby Mayer

Changes in Muscle Power in the Acute and Recovery Phases of Critical Illness

April 25

Scott Medler, Fredonia State University of New York

Hybrid Skeletal Muscle Fibers - Perspectives and Significance

May 2

Cory Dungan

Skeletal Muscle Aging Leads to the Accumulation of  Senescent Satellite Cells: Fact or Fiction?

August 23First day of class-no seminar
August 30

Davis Englund

Satellite Cells Mediate Muscle Fiber Size in Response to Lifelong Exercise

September 6No seminar
September 13Integrative Biology of Exercise Meeting Recap
September 20

Chase Vickery

 Agent-based modeling  for muscle regeneration

September 27

Taylor/John McCarthy

Pilot Study:The Role of the Gut Microbiome in Skeletal Muscle Adaptation to Exercise

October 4

Jamie Sturgill

Mast Cells and Muscles: A Dynamic Duo in Asthma

October 11 
October 18

Thomas Wilkop

Resources at Your Fingertips: Light Microscopy Core Facility Manager

October 25

Thomas Hawke

Xin as a Novel Regulator of Calcium Homeostasis in Skeletal Muscle

November 1

Grace Walton

Metformin to Argument Strength Training effective Response in Seniors: The MASTERS Trial

November 8Russell Hepple
November 15

Bailey Peck

F31: MACximizing Skeletal Muscle Adaptations to Resistance Training

November 22

November 29

Dylan Colli

Characterization of Cardiac Subcellular Morphology and its Implications in Calcium Dysregulation Models

December 6

Gilson Capilouoto

Neonatal Sucking Performance Metrics at Hospital Discharge. What Tongue Muscle Can Tell Us

December 13

Kyle Flack

Resistance Exercise Training to Attenuate Adaptive Thermogenesis During Diet-Induced Weight Loss

January 11 
January 18Evangelia (Eva) Kalaitzoglou, MD
Activin receptors, activins and myostatin: Potential targets for diabetic bone disease 
January 25Ken Campbell, PhD
Fibrosis in human heart failure
February 1 
February 8Charlotte Peterson, PhD
Cellular changes in skeletal muscle as targets for improved
function in peripheral artery disease
February 15Christopher "Brooks" Mobley
Whey protein: More than just leucine
February 22Dave Schnell
Vitamin D, PLIN2, and Lipid Turnover: Implications for Liptoxicity
March 1Tim Butterfield, PhD
Massage as a mechanotherapy for muscle damage: The relationship between temporal
immunomodulation and recovery of function.
March 8Jorge Gamboa, MD, PhD
Muscle Mitochondria Bioenergetics and Structure in Patients with
Chronic Kidney Disease
March 15Spring Break
March 22John McCarthy, PhD
"Vision quest: the long journey to track satellite cells"
March 29James McNamara (guest Ken Campbell)
April 5Bailey Peck

April 12
Note: Different Location

Fabrisia Ambrosio, PhD, MPT
A role for longevity protein, Klotho, in age-related declines of 
skeletal muscle regeneration

Room MN463
April 19Christopher Fry 
April 26Jerry Supinski
May 3Kirby Mayer
May 10Muataz Almaddah, backpack study results
May 17Ben Chun, PhD (Postdoc Pete Kekenes-Huskey)
August 31Yuan Wen, MS, MD/PhD Student
MyoVision: Software for Automated High-Content Analysis of Skeletal Muscle Immunohistochemistry
September 8 
Note: Different Date, Time, & Location
Walter Thompson, President ACSM
Signature Programs of ACSM: Exercise is Medicine and the American Fitness Index
Friday, September 8, 2017 from 9-10 AM 
College of Education Auditorium, 158 Taylor Education Building 
September 14Ken Campbell, PhD
Dual-filament regulation of contraction – field’s new understanding of Ca activation
September 21Charles Lutz, MD, PhD
Axis of Evil - Fat Inflammation, NK Cells, IL-15, and Macrophages
September 28Yuan Wen, MS, MD/PhD Student
β-Catenin Regulation of Skeletal Muscle Hypertrophy
October 5Bailey Peck
Characterizing skeletal muscle macrophages and their importance to muscle hypertrophy with aging: a grant proposal
October 12Cory Dungan, PhD
Topic: Senescence Project
Cellular Senescence in Skeletal Muscle: Using p16 and yH2AX to Determine the Revelance of Senescent Cells During Aging and Obesity
October 19Kevin Murach, PhD, and Cory Dungan, PhD
The PoWeR That Drives Them: Using a Novel Model of Exercise to Elicit Skeletal Muscle Hypertrophy in Mice
October 26Brian Noehren, PhD, PT, FACSM, and Kate Kosmac, PhD
Alterations in quadriceps muscle cellular and molecular properties in adults with moderate knee osteoarthritis
November 2Ivan Vechetti, PhD
Exercise-induced exosomal myomiR regulation of adipocyte metabolism
November 9Ester Dupont-Versteegden, PhD
The effect of satellite cell ablation on diaphragm function
November 16Pete Kekenes-Huskey, PhD
The Calcium, Calmodulin, Calcineurin signaling 'triad
November 30
Note: Different Time and Location
Tim Griffin, PhD         3-4 PM in CTW 216
Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation
Stressed out joints? The role of fat in osteoarthritis pathology and pain
December 7Matt Thomas
Metabolic Benefits of Timed Exercise
January 19Grace Walton, PhD
Human skeletal muscle M2 macrophages are increased following aerobic exercise and may regulate Fn14/TWEAK signaling
January 26Cheavar Blair
Engineered Troponins Modulate the Ca2+ Sensitivity of the Failing Human Myocardium
February 2Davis Englund, Graduate Student Candidate
Nutritional supplementation with physical activity improves muscle composition in mobility-limited older adults
February 9Gary Kurc, Central Regional Manager TSE Systems
TSE systems for exercise-related research
February 16
Dylan Sarver, Graduate Student Candidate
Effects of cryotherapy on skeletal muscle signaling and sex differences in tendon structure and function
February 23Selina Parry, PhD
University of Melbourne, Australia
Understanding and mitigating the burden of post ICU-morbidity
March 2Vandre Casagrande Figueiredo, PhD
Not all antibodies are created equally: re-interpreting past studies on mTOR response in light of new (and not so new) evidences
March 9
Advances in Skeletal Muscle Biology in Health and Diseases Conference
Gainesville, FL
March 16Cory Dungan, PhD
Less is more: The role of mTORC1 activation in the progression of aging-mediated anabolic resistance
March 23Vandre Casagrande Figueiredo, PhD
The Regulation of Ribosome Biogenesis in Humans following Resistance Exercise
March 30CCTS Research Day
April 6Ken Campbell, PhD
Muscle modeling 101: How to simulate cross-bridge cycling
April 13Yuechen Zhu
The effect of cold on the physiology of drosophila larva heart and synaptic transmission on crayfish neuromuscular junction
April 20Charles Lutz, MD, PhD
Voluntary running suppresses tumor growth through epinephrine- and IL-6-dependent NK cell mobilization and redistribution
April 27Pete Kekenes-Huskey, PhD
Amylin-induced calcium dysregulation in rat ventricular cardiomyocytes
May 4Sanda Despa, PhD
Elevated local [Ca2+] and CaMKII promote arrhythmias in Ankyrin-B deficient hearts
May 11 No Muscle Forum
May 18Kirby Mayer, PT
Early Rehabilitation in the ICU: overview and a pilot study
June 8 Doug van Pelt, Postdoctoral Candidate, University of Michigan
The role of adipose tissue in determining whole body insulin sensitivity
September 8Phillip Gribble
The impact of musculoskeletal injury on co-morbidities and quality of life across the lifespan
September 15Selcuk Atalay
Contributions of transverse tubule microstructure to sarcolemmal calcium entry
September 22John McCarthy
Manipulating the mouse genome to study muscle
September 29Lance Bollinger
Role of skeletal muscle and massage in rheumatoid arthritis:  An R61 grant application
October 6Kevin Murach 
Blunted Hypertrophy with Combined Endurance and Resistance Training: Fact or Fiction?
October 13
Robin Cooper
Various skeletal and cardiac muscle projects in the lab with fruit flies and crayfish
October 21

Friday, October 21, 9:00-10:00 am, Gatton Building Room 299
Laney Mudd, NCCIH (NIH)
Yoga for Health? Research Gaps, Challenges, and Funding Opportunities

October 27Ken Campbell
Super-relaxation helps muscles work more efficiently
November 3
No Muscle Forum
APS-IBE meeting in Phoenix, AZ
November 10Tim Butterfield
Creating Pavo-RAT-ti: The development and application of a rodent model of Laryngeal Muscle Exercise
November 17Penney Gilbert, University of Toronto
Spatio-temporal control of skeletal muscle endogenous repair
November 24Thanksgiving Day
December 1Allison Steele
Myopathy-dependent long-term muscle weakness in murine sepsis survivors
December 8Dave Schnell
January 14Robin Cooper
Optogenetics with cardiac and skeletal muscle, or: How to turn a fruit fly into a grasshopper?
January 21Charlie Lutz
Body Composition Affects NK Cell Activity in Multiple Ways
January 28Travis Thomas
Vitamin D contribution to muscle metabolic function in cancer cachexia
February 4
David Waning - Indiana University
Cancer-induced bone destruction leads to skeletal muscle oxidative stress and weakness.
February 11Esther Dupont-Versteegden
Recap Gainesville meeting
February 17
NOTE: Different date
Mitchel Stacy - Yale University
Non-Invasive Assessment of Skeletal Muscle Physiology and Vascular Remodeling Using Multi-Modality Imaging
NOTE: different room and time: 3pm MN463
February 25Lance Bollinger
Calcitriol favorably alters lipid partitioning and packaging within skeletal muscle cells
March 3Scott Black
Matching Diet Choice and Event to Support Performance
March 10
Clare Rittschof
Honey bee energy metabolism and aggression: fueling the muscle at the expense of the brain?
March 17
NOTE: different room CTW405
Mark Rich - Wayne State University
The role of novel skeletal muscle currents in dysregulation of muscle excitability in myotonia congenital
March 24Kentucky Chapter of American Physiological Society Annual Meeting
March 31Vandré Casagrande Figueiredo
Muscle Ribosome Biogenesis in Health and Disease
April 7Kelsey Picha
Strength training progression effectiveness
April 14Tim Uhl
Effects of Sustained Muscle Contraction on Shoulder Muscle Strength and Endurance, A Randomized Clinical Trial
April 21CCTS Research Conference
April 28Ross Owen, Faith Evans, Tori Buckley (Campbell lab)
May 5Cory Dungan
The Role of REDD1 on Exercise-Mediated Insulin Action
May 12Vandré Casagrande Figueiredo
Novel roles of resistance exercise on muscle adaptation
May 19Warlen Pereira
Rigid, but flexible: aerobic training and heart failure