Casey Shadix

Fun Fact: Originally from North Georgia, Casey was a clogger in middle school and high school and performed locally and all over the region.

Dr. Casey Shadix is an academic advisor in the College of Health Sciences, primarily working with exploratory students. In this role, he helps students evaluate their how skills and abilities might mesh with a health sciences profession.

Dr. Shadix strongly believes in establishing a culture of belonging, where everyone feels welcome. He wants students to know that you don’t have to be great at science, and you don’t have to be a people person, or love the sight of blood to work in the healthcare field. There are so many roles in healthcare, and he wants to make sure students are comfortable to come to him and ask for guidance.

Dr. Shadix is encouraged by the success of students. Their success pushes Casey to do the best job that he can and continue helping students with along the pathway of success. The CHS staff show so much initiative and help him connect to different success resources for students.

While there is so much to be excited about at the College of Health Sciences, the most exciting for Dr. Shadix is the fact that the College has so many resources and is located in the middle of the medical campus. He also emphasizes that at the College of Health Sciences, it’s easier to get to know students, faculty, and staff and make connections. Dr. Shadix believes it’s important for the College to feel like family.

--Kieara Pena, Marketing Assistant